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Willow Class Year 4

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Teacher: Miss Young

Teaching Assistant: Miss Morgan


Summer 2017

English Maths RE       Science Topic PE      

There's a dragon's egg in Year 4!

Before it hatches, we are going to be write detailed reports about our possible dragon species using Drake's comprehensive compendium of Dragonology and Cressida Cowell's Incomplete book of Dragons as inspiration.

Inspired by our class reading book, Beowulf, we will be having a go at writing a Nordic saga. We will focus particularly on how Kennings is used in this type of poetry.  


Visit the Young Writers section at to have a go at some of the activities, games and workshops which explore creative writing and poetry (you could even enter one of their competitions!) 




In Maths, we will continue to cover the Year four curriculum. We will be working on written calculations, fractions, measure and geometry and will be using reasoning and word problems to apply our understanding of these areas. 

We will be using statistics to support our learning in science and geography, looking in particular at what graphs can tell us about how the population of Shrewsbury has changed over time. 


There will continue to be a weekly times tables based challenge. Many of us will now be looking at applying our times tables knowledge to solve problems. 


Explore the students sections of the Nrich website for some great maths games and challenges. 

The little boxes and cereal packet challenges are great for exploring shape with resources from around the house and the games section has plenty of interactive online interactive activities to try. 

Our RE topic is Mission of the Church. We will be looking at how Jesus' disciples spread the Good News and how the Good News continues to be shared today.  


Our science topic this term is 'sound'. We will explore how sound is made and changed and how it travels through different mediums. 

We will learn about how our own ears work but also about how animals from across the animal kingdom hear and make sound. 


The video link below shows you how to conduct a really simple experiment that will allow you to see sound in action.


The HooplaKidzLab youtube channel also has lots of other simple science experiments that can be done at home. 


We will be looking at the physical and human Geography of Shrewbury. 


This term, we will be researching the lives of the people of Shrewsbury over the last 100 years, particularly those in Castlefields.


We will use pencil to create life like illustrations of our 'class' dragon and to draw Shropshire landscapes.  

To help us control our new class pet, we will be using natural materials to sculpt magic wands. 



We will exploring some local foods and having a go at baking traditional Shrewsbury biscuits.

To support local wildlife, we will be designing and building a wildlife sanctuary.  



Linking to our science topic, we will be exploring how instruments create sound and how they differ in pitch and volume. 

The children will be further developing their skills in outdoor team games and will be looking at using jumps and leaps to create a gymnastic floor routine. 



Other notices: If you have any information or photographs relating to Shrewsbury history, please do share them with us. 


Love one another as I have loved you (John 13:34)

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