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Sycamore Class Year 5

English Maths RE Science Topic PE 

Recount – linked to Holiday, Carding Mill Valley and The Story of Creation


BFG - Letters and persuasion



The Highway Man

Power of Imagery

(use of personification, metaphor and similes in poems)

Discussion (writing balanced arguments and debate)

Author Study (2/3 weeks)

Biography (person of interest?  Topic link?)


Assessment week -

Grammar Test, reading test and writing assessment on ‘Hot Texts’

Discussion (writing balanced arguments and debate)

Famous American Study (2/3 weeks)

Biography (person of interest?  Topic link?)

Explanation - OK GO






Place value Mental x and ÷ (factors, multiples)

Place value Roman numerals counting incl. negative numbers

Mental and written division Place value Place value  Place value (decimals) Division including problems Addition and subtraction including problems 2D and 3D shape incl. sorting Fractions Written calculations  Written + and – including problems Fractions (compare, order, equivalence) Mental and written multiplication Calculating with fractions Measures (time) and statistics Fractions

Geometry (angles) Multiplication and measures (area) Measures (length, mass and capacity) Measures (area and volume) Geometry Measures (mass, volume and capacity)

Geometry and measures (perimeter) Statistics and measures (time) Geometry (reflection and translation) Statistics and measures Addition and subtraction Area and volume of shapes

Addition and subtraction (statistics) Assess and review Geometry (angles) Assess and review Multiplication and division 



       The Commandments

Inspirational People


Life in the Risen Lord

People of other Faiths         

              Properties and Changes of Materials


Animals including Humans

Forces - Magnetism

Space and Earth

Properties and changes of materials


The Vikings





Invasion Games


Net and Wall Games




Animal Art - Superb Charcoal and chalk sketches by Year 5. Can you tell what it is?

Love one another as I have loved you (John 13:34)

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