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Maple Class Year 1

Welcome to Maple Class

Teacher: Miss Muller

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Brooks


Summer 2018


English Maths R.E


Topic P.E.

Firstly, this term we shall be looking at 'Traditional Tales'. Children will know a range of traditional tales and will have opportunity to use similar structures to help them write their own versions of some of these tales.  

We will then be looking to improve our poetry appreciation by looking at the works of a particular famous poet.  

Our non-fiction unit involves an explanation piece of writing to inform others of a process or function. Finally we will be returning to a narrative unit focusing on a chosen text relating to the children's needs to support them with their story writing. 


The children will continue

to learn, revise and apply sounds

in our daily phonics lessons 

so that we know them

speedily and can use

them to accurately 

read real and nonsense

words in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check in June 2018. 

The topics covered in maths will include;

  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction 
  • Multiplication and division
  • Measure(time)
  • Position and Direction
  • Properties of shapes
  • Fractions


The main focus will be to ensure all children are confident counting forwards and backwards with numbers to 100, identifying one more/less than a given number, use number bonds to support addition and subtraction calculations as well as using resources to support their counting in steps of 2,5 and 10. 

In R.E we

will be looking at

'Ressurrection'. In this unit, children have the opportunity to discuss, describe and celebrate the time when Jesus rose from the dead and what this means for us. We will study the feelings of great joy and surprise and link this to our own lives. This follows on from our previous work on The Easter Story but we also look at the story of 'Doubting Thomas' within this unit and 'The Pentecost'.

Our following unit this term is entitled; 'Miracles'. In this unit we look at a variety of Bible stories that teach us all about the kind and wonderful things Jesus performed to help others and make links to when he has helped us in times of need.  


In Science this term we are learning about Plants.

The children will  be able to identify

and name some common plants and trees as well as label the key parts of flowers and identify their uses. They will have the opportunity to plant a variety of seeds/bulbs and watch them develop over time. Children will know what plants need to survive and complete an investigation to find out the best growing conditions for cress.    


We will also be studying the season of Summer by noticing and describing the world around us. 



Our  topic this

term is; 'Holidays in the UK'. The children will have the opportunity to use atlases to identify and name the countries and capitals within the UK. The main focus will be on seaside holidays; again using atlases to identify common seaside towns and comparing  holidays from the past to nowadays. 

The children will be using Ipads and information texts to complete their research and will help them produce some topic related writing such as postcards and travel brochures. 

In P.E

the children will develop their

dance skills and learn some routines that they can rehearse and perform in front of others.

We will also be working on our athletics ready for the sports day coming up nearer the end of the academic year.  


Other Notices:

-Please remember to read at home every night and please can the adult sign the reading diary with the date and the page reached.

-Also please practise reading swiftly ALL the phonic sounds every night.

- Spelling tests are completed on a Thursday and new spellings are provided on a Friday. Please practise the set of spellings every night, preferably in a jumbled order and try to think of others with a similar spelling pattern to ensure children are learning the spelling. 

-P.E. kits will be needed on a Monday and remain in school for the whole week (this should include both outdoor and indoor clothing)

-Please bring water bottles every day labelled with your child's name..

- A useful website for maths games is




Homework - 2.2.18

Homework - 26.01.18

Homework - 19.01.18

Homework - 12.01.18

Homework - 5.1.18

Homework - 8.12.17

Homework - 1.12.17

Homework - 24.11.17

Welcome to Year 1! 

Just a few general messages; 

  • Reading at home is expected to be done daily, reading diaries will be checked in school by either myself or Mrs Brooks so books can be changed as regularly as possible. 
  • PE kits should be in school everyday including suitable shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather as we will be doing at least one games sessions a week outdoors. 
  • Homework and spellings will be sent home on a Friday and be expected in school and completed the following Wednesday. 
  • Children should come to school with a water bottle, preferably marked with their name to avoid any confusion please! These will come home every night to be washed and filled ready for the following day. 

Forest School - 18/9/17

Material hunt at forest school - 25/9/17

Making bird feeders @ Forest School - 30.10.17

Making a Fire @ Forest School - 6.11.17

Leaf craft @ Forest School - 13.11.17

Christmas Nativity Play

Making a stumpery @ Forest School - 8.01.18

Making a stumpery continued - 15.01.18

Gymnastics - Balances 23.1.18

Storytelling - 2.2.18

Sally Tonge story teller visit - 5.2.18

Using a compass @ Forest School - 26.2.18

Plant and Tree Hunt @ Forest School - 24.4.18

Love one another as I have loved you (John 13:34)

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